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Axel Trainer - your personal  balance and vestibular figure skating Electric Spinner

     Balance is so important! The vestibular sensory system plays a significant role in sports like figure skating, gymnastics, and ballet due to lots of rotational movements and changes of direction and speed. These athletes are not ordinary people, they need to train their balance to much higher levels. Axel is an innovative system that will give you an opportunity to improve your rotational skills for jumping and spinning any time at home. It will improve the brain's vestibular capabilities and significantly enhance balance and control.

What skills you can train with Axel Trainer?

1. Creating a “rotational impact”. Axel electric spinner gives students a correct idea of the nature of the        initial rotation and the feeling of the grouping in the Jumps in figure skating.
2. Tight group during rotation, "solid" feel in the spins
3. Work out the ungrouping. Recommended exercise is the rotation on the longee in an unsupported            position with the transition to the floor, accompanied by a sharp and quick ungrouping.
4. Control over the fusion of rotational movements in the jump. Great for  the off-ice training 
5. Training of vestibular stability in complex positions during spins. Learn how to control your arms, head 
6. Rotations on two legs, on one leg in various combinations.

How Axel electric spinner works

Start practicing your spins with few easy steps

Download our app on your smartphone

Launch the app, click on Bluetooth symbol and connect your phone with Axel

Manage rotation speed with the settings and start your training!

Якорь 1

No  cables

Completely wireless 

Built-in battery


Easy app installation

Works with all Apple and Android devices 


Save Energy

Works for up to 6 hours of vestibular training from a single charge!


Great Design

Unique rotation mechanism created by our engineers

User Friendly

Very clean and informative design

Rotation in Both Directions!

High Durability

Crafted from premium grade materials, Axel supports up to 200 lb.

Android app backsplash with Axel copy.jpg

Take your rotation skills to another level

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