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Axel trainer your personal electric spinner

  • Who can use Axel Trainer Electric Spinner?
    Axel Trainer is your personal balance and rotation Electric Spinner that you can use at home. It's suitable for figure skaters, ice skaters, athletes, dancers, martial arts fighters and everyone who wants to improve their balance and vestibular system. Axel Trainer Electric Spinner can improve your rotation skill, so you can perform fast and stable rotations, such as Quads in Figure skating. It can be used for children starting from age 4-5 with adult supervision and holds up to 265 lb.
  • How to charge Axel Trainer Electric Spinner?
    Connect the charging cable with a power outlet, the device will start to charge. Battery capacity is enough up to 6 hours of operation. Don't leave Axel Trainer Spinner to charge for long period of time it can damage battery. Best is to charge when battery level shows 20%
  • How do I start training with Axel Trainer Electric Spinner?
    Download our "Axel trainer" app from App Store. Turn on Axel Trainer Electric Spinner using power button at the front of the device. Press Bluetooth button, find your device and press connect. Axel will beep. Choose the rotation speed turning Axel speed controller or set up Auto Program and press Start.
  • What is your personal Axel balance trainer?
    Axel Trainer Electric Spinner is your personal companion for off-ice training! You can take it with you anywhere you want. Axel trainer completely wireless and can work up to 6 hours in any location. Great feature is to create your own training programs so you can progress in the way that works best for you!


Legal name: JayTech LLC

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