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Axel Trainer - your personal balance and rotation electric spinner for figure skaters, dancers, and athletes. Sturdy materials, adjustable legs, and easy control from your smartphone. The maximum speed by default is 5 rotations per second.  Build in battery for up to 6 hours off-Ice training in any location!


- Completely wireless

- Rotates in both directions

- Controlled by the App (Android / Apple IOS)


Axel trainer spinner comes with a Black carry Bag - if you want more fun,  just pick a color you like! 


"Liability Disclaimer: While the AxelTrainer Electric Spinner is engineered to assist figure skaters in refining their spinning techniques, it is imperative to acknowledge that all physical activities entail inherent risks. The manufacturer absolves itself of any liability for injuries sustained while utilizing the AxelTrainer Electric Spinner. Skaters are advised to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines provided in the user manual. It is recommended to use the spinner under the supervision of qualified instructors and in appropriate training environments. By employing the AxelTrainer Electric Spinner, skaters acknowledge and assume all associated risks, and the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damages that may arise during its usage."




Axel trainer Electric Spinner

SKU: AT8905607
Choose your top disk color
  • - Base diameter is ~16 inches (41 cm) Height 4.1 inches (10.5 cm)

    - Weight of the Axel Spinner is  22 lb (10 kg)

    - Load capacity is 200lb (90 kg)

    - Rotation in both directions

    - Software-controlled braking 

    - The default maximum speed is 5 revolutions per second. (up to 9 revolutions per second )

    - Build-in Battery 4400 mAh

    - Power 110v/220v (By default comes with 110V plug)

    - Controlled by Android or Apple OS applications 

    - Comes with a Carry Bag

    - Comes with a digital manual 

  • - 30-day no-hassle return.

    - Standard 1-year warranty

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