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Axel Trainer - your personal balance and rotation electric spinner for figure skaters, dancers, and athletes. Sturdy materials, adjustable legs, and easy control from your smartphone. The maximum speed by default is 5 rotations per second.  Build in battery for up to 6 hours off-Ice training in any location!


- Completely wireless

- Rotates in both directions

- Controlled by the App (Android / Apple IOS)


Axel trainer spinner comes with a Black carry Bag - if you want more fun,  just pick a color you like! 




Axel trainer Electric Spinner

SKU: AT8905607
Choose your top disk color
  • - Base diameter is ~16 inches (41 cm) Height 4.1 inches (10.5 cm)

    - Weight of the Axel Spinner is  22 lb (10 kg)

    - Load capacity is 200lb (90 kg)

    - Rotation in both directions

    - Software-controlled braking 

    - The default maximum speed is 5 revolutions per second. (up to 9 revolutions per second )

    - Build-in Battery 4400 mAh

    - Power 110v/220v (By default comes with 110V plug)

    - Controlled by Android or Apple OS applications 

    - Comes with a Carry Bag

    - Comes with a digital manual 

  • - 30-day no-hassle return.

    - Standard 1-year warranty

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